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Quality & Standards 

Our Mission Statement

To support the Commercial Vehicle industry by providing quality and cost-effective engineering labour solutions

Our Contact Details:

Office:08432892760 Website: www.btctechnicalsolutions.co.uk Email: info@btctechnicalsolutions.co.uk

Address: 18 Masefield Crescent, Romford , Essex, RM3 7PH

Our Management Team

Johnson Mannie: Managing Director

Mobile: 07951806910

Aneta Mannie: Secretary

Mobile: 07894829882

Our Management Responsibilities

The unique selling point of our business is that our Directors manage the day to day running of the operation. Their experience in the commercial vehicle industry enhances our service delivery as they have worked in an OEM, Supplier and Operator environment and understand the challenges that these stakeholders encounter.

With this added benefit, our Directors are close enough to our customers and engineers where they can make important decisions immediately to speed up the service process. We find this improves our quality and standard of our customer service which retains our existing customers and attracts new ones.

The commercial and operational divisions of the business and managed by our Directors. They have a strong business acumen, which is supported by robust policies and procedures that helps our business to be compliant and maintain a high quality standard.

The scheduling and planning of our services are done by our administrators. The control and support of the back office is managed by our secretary.

What we do best

Our stringent vetting process allows us to recruit only the best engineers in the industry. We provide qualified and skilled engineering labour into the bus and coach market. We specialise in providing:

Our experience in the industry gives a strong platform to offer support and guidance to operators and OEM’s alike

Continuous Improvement

Understanding our customer and engineers requirements and challenges, forms a strong foundation for continuous improvement. We therefore have regular service meetings and feedback mechanisms to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our service and enquire if there are any improvements that we should consider going forward. As part of our engineer audit process, we spend a lot of time looking at time management and efficiencies. This helps us cut costs and improve our service delivery.

Engineer Standards

We audit and measure our engineers to ensure that their work rate is consistent. We also invest heavily in training and development to keep our engineers up to date with technology and any legislative changes. We also insist that our customers feedback on our engineers performance, housekeeping and reliability. This give us a holistic and unbiased view on our engineer’s standards and if there is a need for improvement or changes.

Our Service Standard

Our Business Core Values


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