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Whether its routine maintenance, unplanned maintenance, VOR backlog clear up or just a shift cover, we have fully qualified engineers only a phone call away.

Our engineers have several years of OEM and dealership experience which makes them fully equipped to resolve any issue or defects in an efficient way ensuring that costs are controlled at all times

We understand that vehicle downtime is costly to any operation therefore we only send the best suited engineer as per customer job requirements during our planning and scheduling stage

Our engineers cover a wide range of products and applications which include and not limited to:

  • Major Units remove and refit
  • Engine Overhauls
  • Routine maintenance
  • Shift cover, with a PSV license option
  • Reliability issues
  • IRTEC inspections
  • MOT preparations
  • Night Maintenance programmes



With new technology entering the market on a regular basis, it is always a challenge to keep engineers up to date with training and development of new products.

In order to keep ahead of the game and fulfil our customers’ expectations, we schedule regular training courses with OEM’s that are dominant in the industry

Electrical defects could see your vehicles off the road for a significant amount of time, whether its CAN line, multiplex or older wiring related problems, we have the specialists that can diagnose and repair your vehicles without a large bill at the end of it.

We have the diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot most electrical faults.

Mechanical Electrical


As we have seen the transition of vehicle design from conventional diesel, hybrid to fully electric, there is a significant demand for multi skilled engineers that are competent in both electrical and mechanical disciplines.

We therefore heavily invest in our engineers to ensure that their training and development incorporates understanding and working on both disciplines.

This investment in our engineers assists us in diagnosing and repairing vehicles without causing delay due to lack of competency. This multi- discipline has been a popular choice for most of our customers as regular defects are never straight forward because there is always a crossover from mechanical to electrical, and vice versa.

Coachmaker /body


Appearance of a vehicle always gives a perception of an operator that invests and maintains their fleet.

Our coachmakers/bodymen have the ability carry out:

  • Accident's damages
  • Rota defects
  • Refurb (Seats/Flooring)
  • Campaigns for OEM’s

We know that when it comes to appearance, this cannot be hidden, so our workmanship and quality repairs are validated by our repeat business by our customers



Running an engineering operation always comes with its challenges and takes a motivated individual to sustain the performance.

We have a range of engineers that have supervisory experience that can support your operation during holidays, sickness and increased workload scenarios.

We ensure that there is a smooth transition into the depot and that our team understand the dynamic of the operation.

Engineering Consultancy


Our team are fully experienced in managing large operations and delivering on excellent performance we can help in the following ways:

  • Depot assessment /analysis
  • Depot transformation
  • Cost saving initiatives
  • Staff management
  • Vehicle reliability issues
  • Rota /MOT planning
  • Night maintenance
  • Contract management
  • Whole life costs of vehicles
  • Procurement management

From engineering staff to management, we can assist any operation with its challenges and improve performance.

We go above and beyond the average contracting company as we want to understand the customers problems and challenges, so we can proactively support them with improvement initiatives. We don’t want to work in silo’s but rather be part of the team that can make all the difference.


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